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From The Times
September 21, 2009
New Trojan virus poses online banking threat!

Mike Harvey , Technology Correspondent
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Cyber criminals have created a highly sophisticated Trojan virus that steals online banking log-in details from infected computers.

The Clampi virus, which is spreading rapidly across hundreds of thousands of computers in Britain and the United States, infects computers when users visit websites that host a malicious code.

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The Data Mobility Age

A Story from ZDNet.

A word of warning to those of you who rely on hardware-based encrypted USB flash drives. Security firm SySS has reportedly cracked the AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption used on flash drives manufactured by Kingston, SanDisk and Verbatim. by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
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My names is James Jeffries.

It is known that today in business, it is critical to reduce the expense of IT Support for the company.

To this end the banners have been waiving for us to out-source(to other countries or businesses), by putting your data in the Cloud; buy cheeper computers; have all of your software and data in the hands of other "???".

Is everything in your company throw away?
Should the company's data be up for grabs to thieves or somebody else's employees?

Everything that we do truely effects our livelihood, the company, the department, our co-workers, family, country, and so on and on....

There are ways to reduce cost without turning the keys of the company, over to someone else. You can have the latest and most reliable computer systems with reasonable costs. Which if planned well, will reduce IT Services Cost, improve productivity, keep budgets lower and still have happier loyal employees.

I can help you make it happen, and it will empower you to survive the double dip R. word.

James Jeffries

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"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve"
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Dec. 7 1941.

--So what will awaken us this time?

My Blog is found at

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