Understanding What Is Coming

Understanding what is coming, but will you get it too late?

Looking around the world, at people, the news, the behavior of: countries, people, the left, the right, the . . . . .well there is a lot to think about.

Yes, I know, I put people in twice. It is about the people. How everyone of us deal with each other. Whether or not an individual person returns to the ALMIGHTY; prior to having no time, no ability to change even if they still had a choice. We, everyone of us, will face The LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL. Yet, […]

Torah Study 20151205

The pieces continue to fall into place. The END Events are coming upon us very quickly, but there are some pieces remaining to be fulfilled prior to “The Last Day“, “The Last Day Continued” and “The Last Day Part 2“.

This morning, while I was at TORAH Study, a series of thoughts troubled me. If the end prophecies are upon us. If the Nations are being gathered. They seem to be very close to us. What about the last punishments? How does this fit in the WORD? Timing, very important timing.

Isaiah 55:11 So shall My word be that goeth […]

FB Conversation with Jew4J

A discussion on FB, the Other side is a Jew for J.

What about J, isn’t he able to save?(paraphrased)

The Other side is removed because I will not expose them to ridicule.

I am sad. More than 3500 years ago, THE ALMIGHTY through the writings of Moses, warned us regarding our actions and choices(Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, 29, 30,31 and 32) after Moses, then via HIS Prophets until Malachi; along with the consequences our deeds earn.

From Egypt until today, we have gotten consequences( but not all that we deserve, because HE Saves a remnant to start again. […]

The Witness

Many people know, that I have been in the Israel for the last 90 days. They come up to me and say: Tell me what do you think?; What did you see?; How is/was it?; What did you learn?; . . . .?

I have my own questions, many of which are also being echoed by those around me. Why am I in Israel? What is my purpose here? Why is it that for every step, and in every place I stayed, for every moment, I seem to be guided to see and hear and watch something?

Only right now, […]

What I See. . . .

Israel, mostly Jerusalem is where I have been for a couple of months now. This was not my original idea to stay in Jerusalem, but The LORD had other plans.

This has been great because, instead of doing the tourist schedule of: go to this place; see as much as possible; maybe a guided tour; have dinner with your new friends and a little sleep; do it again; until the time to return home comes. Instead of that schedule mine has been move to a new location for a week or two, twice a day take a two to six […]

“Unconditional Love” ?

Is there any such thing as “Unconditional Love”?

Yes, A mother and/or a Father of a New Born. The reason there is “Unconditional Love” at that time is clear. Without “Unconditional Love”, the species would have died out long ago, because of this screeming, crying, loud, annoying, eating, peeing, messy, nasty little copy of a human, “Unconditionally TRUSTING YOU” to give them everything they require to survive. At that point, except in rare occasions, the parents are filled with “Unconditional Love” and commitment to this “bundle of joy” which is their future.

Maybe we should start with what we mean […]