To Be Of The Children Or Israel --Deeper, much deeper

So what does it mean, to be of the Children Of Israel? Where did the name come from?

As always, I highly recommend reading the full chapter of every reference I make. Actually, you should do that, for anything you are ready to believe, from any source. Check the references. If they are telling you the truth, they won’t mind.

I notice that “names” are very important in the TaNaKh (Acronym of Written Torah (Ta=Law), Nevi’im (Na=Prophets) and Ketuvim (Kh=Writings), what non-Jews call the Old Testament.). There are many discussions about the NAME of GOD, or about Abram which became […]

Not Only With You Alone

I started writing this one, because some people wrote to asking “Is it true, only Jews”? While others are busy with the other side, saying never a Jew.

Also, there are many people saying they need a savior, a messiah, somebody to forgive their sins,

So how does it feel? Are you one of the twelve Tribes of Israel? If not, Matthew 15:24 says the guy you follow is not for any except those lost sheep of Israel. Now, just to make this short, other places in the NT say the exactly opposite. He is for all. This makes the […]

A Question Of Timing

Recently, I heard a Rabbi say that a young man asked him? If God is so powerful why did creation take six days instead of one?

The answer is Timing!

Everything must happen when it is right to do so. For example: An infant 3 hours after birth cannot be a opera star, or at six hours after birth. Reason: the mouth, throat, teeth, lungs, muscle control, size and shape of the parts will change by the hour. So if you like the voice at hour six, by the time the baby had a nap, everything would be wrong and […]

“The Last Day Continued”

The original “The Last Day” While I read my mind connects pieces of information that I know, to the present text. This makes me a slow reader sometimes because of all I have learned. One tool that has served me well is asking questions. Much like a the Socratic method, where asking one question leads to more questions with the goal of stimulating mental activity and strength.

A text that got me started on today’s writings:

“Isaiah 2:19 And men shall go into the caves of the rocks, and into the holes of the earth, from before the terror of […]