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Covet, Sloth and No Responsibility

Societal breakdown as a direct result of any version of Marxism. Those being communism, fascism, socialism, social justice, these all have the same ideology, only the process used and the name is modified. The process modification is different as to when war is declared on the common person. Because of the timing, a different name can be applied and is therefore renamed to hide the actual goal from the public. These processes still end with a very few(less than 0.01%) at the top having everything they want and everyone else is in abject poverty at best. All versions run out of things to take. While, those people that could build, think, reason and create were the ones first destroyed. The result is death of the system and the people, unless another source can be found to take from.

The rules used by those wanting these processes are:

Accept no responsibility for what you do, blame somebody else.
If you desire what another has, it should be yours, take it.

Anything bad, that you cannot blame on someone else, erase. Its not your fault. Abort it: a child; a marriage; relationship; work; money problems; . . . .

And your words are just words, they can be interpreted in many ways, so nobody can expect that you meant them.

These rules are not reciprocated to others, in reality. For if they treat someone this way, it is because they expect to get something back, and therefore they are able to revert to their normal actions in a heart beat, when they change their minds or don’t get what they want. It is always about what they want or desire.

This is how 2 year old acts, and expects to be treated.

The sales pitches: (How you teach others to be Socialist!)
Tell them: You have been a victim in someway, so other people should pay you!
They have; you want; they should just give it to you, or you should just take it from them!
You want things, you should have what you want, the government will get it for you!

The problems or results are many. First, any responsible person will learn not to trust you. This takes time, because responsible people will think they have it wrong and you just don’t understand. So they will try to teach or explain. When this does not help, they just feel sorry for you. In the end the only people they can hangout with treat them in the same way they treat others. This never last, because both sides are taking, so none give; nor learn ; nor grow.
They always run out of things to take, and so fail to continue, but only after destroying what was good, plentiful and abundant.

Which of the ALMIGHTY’s Commandments of the TEN SPOKEN do the break?

Commandments broken by this system. #10 Coveting, #9 False Witness, #8 Steal, #7 Adultery, #5 Honor Parents, #2 Idols; #1 other gods.
Potentials broken: #6 Murder; #4 Working on the Seventh day, #3 the Lord’s Name in Vein.

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