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Yaakov's Challah

Yaakov’s Challah

Preheat Oven to 330 before cooking.
Need a large oven with multiple racks, 2 racks, able to handle 2, 8×11 cookie sheets of Challah.

4 cups purified boiling water.
Bob’s Red Mill Organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flower
Organic Whole Wheat White unbleached flower
2 Tbs bakers yeast (Red Dot quick rise yeast)
2 Tbs of Organic Honey -Your flavor
4 Eggs + One egg – for coating
4 Tbs Organic, first cold pressed Olive Oil
4 Tbs Organic Cold Milled Flax Seed

Honey in mixing bowl, pour in boiling water, with spatula carefully stir until honey is dissolved.
When water temperature is about 100F or less, add yeast. Wait 10 minutes or until yeast is active.

[I use a mixer with 3 quart bowel, starting with wire beaters, changing to dough hooks when dough has thickened – about 3 and a half cups of flour.]

When yeast, honey and water mixture is ready, turn blender on lower and medium slow mix in:
4 Eggs, AA Large or Ex Large, then reduce speed to low,

Cold Milled Flax Seed Powder
Bob’s Red Mill, making sure to get the sides and the bottom of bowel also mixed.
About the time you have finished the Bob’s Red Mill, the dough is thick enough for the hooks.
If dough is still thin mix in half cup of White Flour until thickened
I finish with half cups of White Flour, using dough hooks on slow speed until think and only slightly sticky.

Place dough in larger mixing bowl, allowing for doubling in size during the rise. Place bowl some place warm 75 – 80 degrees F. About 45 min.

Raise dough till double in bulk, I take a small -walnut size piece for a heave offering to the LORD.
Punch down, prepare to make loaves.
I use four cookie sheets 8×11 painted with Olive oil.
This should make one small and 4 medium sized loaves
Beat last egg and carefully pain each loaf completely.

Remove loaves to cool as you like. I use wire racks.
The Small Loaf, I personally offer to someone outside the house that could use this loaf, as a gift to share the blessings of My LORD.



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