Atonement, How and Whys

This will be a difficult one for me. Many of the people on the earth today either do not believe in their actions as sin or think all you should need to say is “I’m Sorry” with a pretended truth to the words.

There are those that have faith that on their death bed, no matter how bad, if they just ask for forgivness, it will be fixed and they will go to heaven(where ever heaven is.) so “keep on keepin’ on”. As it has been said in many forms.

Is that right? Is that Justice? No matter how bad […]

The Day Of Atonement

So what is this day? Can we not just ask for forgiveness and that should be enough?

Why should All of the Children of Jacob do this Day of Atonement?

There seems to be misunderstandings regarding the day and the purpose.

Before we get started with this session, I highly recommend that, if you have not read the post Acknowledge, Regret, Repent! Atonement, that before you go further, take the time now to read it and then proceed with this one.

The LAW According to the Hand Of Moses.

Exodus 23: (This is part of the Covenant at Sinai.)

26 […]

Acknowledge, Regret, Repent! Atonement

Less that a week before the Day Of Atonement, Rabbinic year 5777, Biblical 5997. In getting ready for this years events, many are presenting ideas about asking for forgiveness and what that should entail.

I heard one talk by a rabbi, declaring this is the best process:

1) Be unhappy or regret what you have done, 2) Acknowledge what you have done, 3) Tell the person you wronged, that you are sorry, 4) Ask for forgiveness for what you have done, 5) Try to repair the damage you caused.

This has caused a number of discussions about forgiveness. Some have […]