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Truth in Torah and Tanach: What does is mean to be chosen by G-D?

What does is mean to be chosen by G-D?

First try replacing “Chosen” with “EXAMPLE”! –for simpler understanding.

For the Children of Israel, what I see in the Torah(5 books of Moses), Chosen means precisely that: The Chosen are the example for the world to demonstrate that: The Living G-D of Abraham, Issac and Jacob IS; that there is only ONE and that we are to love the LORD with All of our heart, all of our soul and all of our being; and how HE wants us to behave.

If the Chosen live according to H’shem’s requirements, all of the earth will see –Ultimately it is the Last Day; while living only partly according to the LAW –H’shem blesses and punishes Us to teach Us; If we turn our back upon G-D and HIS blessings, –Great Punishment for is given to the Chosen, but a remnant will be spared to continue the example(Chosen) people.

The people of the earth will still have the example and see(know). If G-D utterly destroys the Chosen, then mankind should never had the Breath of Life placed in it, G-D would have failed. This is Not Possible with G-D.

**Hitler is reported to have had the goal of removing the Jews from the earth, so that their would be proof that their G-D was no god at all. Where is Hitler? There are still Jews on the earth, G-D IS! We(Israel) are H’shem’s witnesses, HIS Proof, and we WILL accept H’Shem as G-D and follow HIS Laws. Then “all the families of the earth with bless themselves by your name”(*Abram).

Being Chosen is not having the ability to choose to be a part of the deal, you simply Are Chosen, in Covenant(Contract) with our fathers. Your choice is: whether to be blessed or punished.

Those that are not of the Chosen, must choose to be included and the testing is harder(by H’shem), but as rewarding in the end. Praised be the Name of the MOST HIGH, for HIS mercy and HIS love endures forever. Amen. Make your choice, Good that you live or Evil that you ….! It’s your choice!

*Genesis 12 – H’shem call unto Abram and tells him of these blessings.

**Mein Kampf Posted by Yaakov –James Jeffries

Source: Truth in Torah and Tanach: What does is mean to be chosen by G-D?

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