Truth in Torah and Tanach: What does is mean to be chosen by G-D?

What does is mean to be chosen by G-D?

First try replacing “Chosen” with “EXAMPLE”! –for simpler understanding.

For the Children of Israel, what I see in the Torah(5 books of Moses), Chosen means precisely that: The Chosen are the example for the world to demonstrate that: The Living G-D of Abraham, Issac and Jacob IS; that there is only ONE and that we are to love the LORD with All of our heart, all of our soul and all of our being; and how HE wants us to behave.

If the Chosen live according to H’shem’s requirements, all of […]

“Unconditional Love” ?

Is there any such thing as “Unconditional Love”?

Yes, A mother and/or a Father of a New Born. The reason there is “Unconditional Love” at that time is clear. Without “Unconditional Love”, the species would have died out long ago, because of this screeming, crying, loud, annoying, eating, peeing, messy, nasty little copy of a human, “Unconditionally TRUSTING YOU” to give them everything they require to survive. At that point, except in rare occasions, the parents are filled with “Unconditional Love” and commitment to this “bundle of joy” which is their future.

Maybe we should start with what we mean […]