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Seeking To Know What Is TRUTH

When I want to know THE LAW or the TRUTH, I always look to the Writings of Moses, aka, Written Torah, or the TORAH between the two sticks.

Why, when I want to Know what the Living GOD OF ISRAEL wants from me do I go there? “Numbers 12:7 My servant Moses is not so; he is trusted in all My house; 8 with him do I speak mouth to mouth, even manifestly, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD doth he behold; wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against My servant, against Moses?'”

So, if the GOD I TRUST, declares that Moses is the best source of information regarding what HE wants, WHO AM I TO SAY, I know better than Moses? My GOD has already declared Moses’s position, in that “he is trusted in all My house”, no one else has had this declaration by the ALMIGHTY. What a great referral.

I can also say that when anyone has tried to declare the “Writings of Moses” wrong, even myself; in studying those writings I have only found that the idea of an error was wrong and not the TORAH of Moses.

SO, for a long time now, instead of fighting against, I have sought to understand those writings better. What I have found and write about, is amazing and has connections to today’s world and events.

Consider please, that a document written more than 3,500 years ago, could tell of events today, 80 years ago, a 100 years ago and even 5996 years ago. How is this possible without error, and containing things we are only starting to discover in science, on and off our world. Conversations, declarations and statements then, give insight to our purpose(yours and mine) along with our relationship to the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

A great puzzlement to me is: Why so few humans even want to know about HIM or why we should do what HE says?

Glory, Honor and Thanksgiving unto The ALMIGHTY who gave me a chance to live and to learn and then to LIVE!



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