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A Strange Thing Happened

Originally written 20150820.

A strange thing happened yesterday. I went for a walk to see more of Jerusalem and found myself back to the Old City and to the area of the Wall. It was very hot again with very few people in the area. I turned around went the 4km back to where I am staying, to cool off a do some writing.

Later, at 20:00 (8:00p.m.) I went out to see about getting food and to just enjoy the cool of the evening. This means that I intentionally did not take a camera, computer, smart phone, digital notebook, or a Tanakh. So, I am not weighed down with any extras.

With no one to distract me, I am thinking on some of the things I have been writing regarding the soul. When all of a sudden a verse came to me like being hit by a basketball. The understanding of the verse changed as my perception of it changed. I needed to look it up, the verse, does it really say that or am I imagining this. But, I don’t have any form of Tanakh or Torah with me. I think where can I find one? Who can I ask?

As I am walking, I glance at people to discover if they might be carrying any of the books I need. I even stop a man similar in dress to myself and looks like he is carrying an Artscroll Tanakh, on King George St. Turns out it is just a prayer book. While all of this transpires, I have a need to get back to the Wall, to see the Place, with an urgency, the reason unknown.

There is a book store to the right as one goes down to the Kotel from Chabad St. It is open, I stop there to check my facts in an Artscroll and a Jerusalem Bible, I am correct in my memory of the verse.

I go down the last steps to an over look of the Kotel and the entrances. I thank the ALMIGHTY for the insight and wait. For what I do not know, but I wait and watch. The air is cool and with a nice breeze. The sky is clearer than at any time since my arrival, it is beautiful.

A half hour later I decide to leave, I still have not eaten. There are many people on the stairs, beggars, sellers of red thread, sellers of blessings. Even a book seller is now at the top of the stairs. The book seller approaches me and starts a conversation. He learns that I am from California. He glances over his selection of books to determine which one he might be able to sell me. I stop him and say, I have something for you. He stops to listen. I say “There are two verses in the Torah of Moses that prove, your soul is the SPIRIT OF GOD.” He turns to his friend which has also been looking for someone to sell, and asks “What’s a soul?”. They discuss it a little, they came to a decision and now they both are listening. I give them both verses from Genesis and explain the meaning I found. I start to leave, and the first turns back to me and says thank you.

I go get something to eat, feeling no more urgency. Was the discussion with the book sellers the reason for the evening events? There are no accidents, The ALMIGHTY has HIS reasons.





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