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Family, Friends, Community and Enemies, A Message

I have had a dream, or at least I think it was a dream. Maybe it was a Vision or it is a reaction to something I saw or read, but it has some answers and warnings.

In the dream a coach or a teacher was explaining that they always worked to break up friends, in classes, on teams and in general, with the idea that champions come from hardship. My response to this is what follows.

You may be asking: Why are you telling me this?

For those reading this, whether you know me personally and already understand me or not, I am a Fixer. My mother has even described me as a Mother Hen watching over her brood; for even when I was very young, I was always concerned about the welfare of those around me. Because of this built-in personality trait, when I see a problem or a situation, I am always looking for what will make it better, or how to “FIX IT”, for those around me.(Having traveled the around the world a couple of times – around me has got quit large.) It is possible that I can be perceived as controlling and meddlesome, or even a real nuisance. I am truly sorry if this how you perceive me. On my part, I only want good and righteous outcomes for you, for your welfare counts. I am learning to restrict my activity, to stay out of it. However, sometimes things are too important to just let come about. That is not All of who and what I am, but it is why I am writing this article.

The Dream, the idea of creating competition, breaking up friends is a mistake for many reasons.

Enemies are those people who hate you, want to put you down, to destroy you, to make your life ended, to make you subservient or to harm you. An enemy is about giving you worthlessness and their perceived power over you.

The Enemy must tear Loved Ones, families, friends and communities APART. To leave YOU alone, in despair and emotionally crushed; so that it is just you; where you can be easily destroyed, enslaved and or removed from existence.

The last thing the ENEMY wants is for you to be loved, cared about, or to become a MARTYR which builds up those who knew you. On the field of battle, or even in life, in the wild, the defense of loved ones is known to be a fearsome thing the enemy wants to stay away from. For Example: Watch any story of a mother bear protecting her cub(s). Animals of almost every kind are observed, where there is danger to the young, the parents are ready to give their own life, to defend or protect their family.

Loved Ones, Family or Friends, that are in training or in a race may encourage the other to do better, to succeed, to offer support when the other is weakening. The result is that the other tries harder and encourages you to do better, creating a friendly competition. Some competitors find their best friends while competing, with those they have never known. Note: a competitor should not be your enemy, should not be hated by you in order to overcome. An Enemy is what you defend your family, friends and community from, by what ever means is required to PROTECT those you defend. This is what a Soldier, a Father, a Mother or a Friend does. Caring about and defending loved ones, friends and community does not leave you weaker, IT MAKES YOU STRONGER, more powerful because you are not alone. It is not just you anymore.

So, now there are four descriptions presented here.

1) The Fixer or Mother Hen.
2) The Enemy,
3) What the Enemy fears,
4) Loved ones, Family, friends and community.

There are FIVE main items to be found in the Written Torah, by the Hand Of Moses(First five books of the Old Testament).

1) I learn Who is GOD;
2) What HE expects from ME;
3) How am I to treat those Near ME(Loved Ones, Family, Community);
4) How am I to treat those Not Near Me(Those outside of number 3 and the Enemy);
5) That I am Responsible to protect the World from what I do.

The Dream: the teacher or coach in the dream seem to have been actually the enemy, one who weakens and destroys and not the one who strengthens. While teachers or coaches are probably not your enemy, and may even be your family and friends, those that perform in a way that act like an ENEMY maybe your enemy.

It is a difficult place to be in, trying to know who is your enemy. So, look instead for those that make you a better person. Those that care about you being better.

Know that the TORAH, Written by the Hand of Moses, contains a CONTRACT(Covenant Exodus Chapters 20 thru 24), a set of rules that do not change, that are applied to everyone, and are backed by the greatest amount of Love for You, from the Power that Created the Heavens and the Earth, The LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL. There is no greater sources of Love and Compassion for you that of the GOD Who Created All, HE is not you enemy, and in TRUTH HE IS your GREATEST FRIEND and Father of Your Soul. Measure Yourself and others against HIS Truth, HIS Rules, for it is only for YOUR Good to do so.

Deuteronomy 6:4 “Hear O Israel, Our Lord is GOD, Only One GOD, and you are to love the LORD your GOD with all of your Heart, all of your SOUL, all of Your BEING.” Do that for you can have no greater Friend than the LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL.




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