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A Dream of Understanding

This writing was start October 30, 2015 04:20, Palo Alto, CA.

The event:

I feel this as if I were standing among those experiencing THIS, and yet the vision is only a partial view as it appears as a picture frame, where only within the frame is focused.

Everyone seems ready or making last moment preparations, for combat with the enemy, only I do not see a combat. The talk is about being ready; an equipment check is being done, remember you training; do you have a weapon, but not one shot is fired. The is no blood, no bodies on the ground, a person in the group is there and then they are not.

This dream has happened at least twice and it seems many more, I can not tell. However, each time is in a new set to people, in a new place.

Always the people are SHOCKED at what is happening. It is not what they we getting ready for. It really is Something Else.

What I was given for an understanding is that, this is an image just prior to the Last Moment. The ones that “were not”, were taken by The LORD. If you are HIS, you are taken out of the Last Moment, as if for those taken: THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. Those that remain are NOW AWARE of the TRUTH of IT. THERE IS A LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL, WHOSE WORD IS THE TRUTH, and I am remaining because I would not accept HIM.

Then the Dream happens again, with a new place and new people all in similar circumstance, all with the same there / not there and then UNDERSTANDING by those remaining.

I have been tossing upon my bed, and now have a bad headache. I understand that I am to get up to write this down, while it is fresh in my mind and do not try to go back to sleep until I have written it. I have already gone back to sleep once thinking this to be just a dream, now I have the head ache. Therefore I had to write this now and not to wait until later.



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