The TORAH, Written By The Hand Of Moses

The TORAH, Written by the Hand of Moses, dictated the Living GOD of Israel, is Real or TRUE.

That is where we start this article, accepting that statement as FACT. For our purposes here, we will not go into the old arguments. If you are not able to accept that, then what is said here you will be unable to comprehend. Stop reading here. Read something else. How about: “You Should Know and Understand This:”

Still here? Good.

The rest of this article is about the Written TORAH of Moses along with the balance of the TANAKH(Old Testament). It is […]

Do You Have The Mind Of GOD?

Someone asked me that in a discussion. “Do you have the Mind of Of GOD?”

My answer is/was: I don’t need the mind of GOD, I need to know what HIS WORD is; I need to keep HIS LAWS, then comparing my actions with HIS WORD, I know where I stand according to HIS LAWS.

I possess the intentionality to be Righteous by HIS Laws. The is a word there that requires a closer look: “Intentionality”. This I believe the Living GOD Of Israel desires more than any amount of sacrifice.

We will take a moment to discover what Intentionality […]