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Jewish, What Does That Mean?

This is a very big question and one that concerns me very much.

I am just returning from Israel, where I have been for 90 days.

A brief description of my appearance is: More than 6 feet tall, Payot (also pe’ot, peyot, payos, peyos, peyois, payois; Hebrew: פֵּאָה‎; plural: פֵּאוֹת) down to collar bone, Long gray beard, dark brown ponytail to the middle of my back, usually dressed in black(conservatively) with Tzitzit bond with Blue Thread showing on all four corners. A yamaka, usually with a tassel hanging down between my eye brows and a ring on my right pinky(part of the Law). I continually strive to keep all of the Laws Written in the TORAH of Moses.

Now with that image in mind, while in Jerusalem, Israel, I was continually asked: “Are you Jewish?”

Almost 100% of the time my insides wanted to screen out “Can you not tell that I am Jewish?!!!!”, but it never left my insides. I did give some sort of an answer, which was never complete. I do not believe that they really wanted to know, they were just ???.

I follow the LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL, I joined the Tribe of Judah, therefore yes I am Jewish. I am one of the nation as declared in Exodus 12:48 And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the LORD, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land; but no uncircumcised person shall eat thereof.

I am a Hebrew as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Hebrews, following the ONE GOD, CREATOR OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. Having accepted HIS Covenants, blessing and curse found in those contracts.

I went through a Bet Din(Three Rabbinic Judges(a Panel)) to determine if I was acceptable to be a JEW. PASSED. I went to the Mikvah, a ritual bath, I am a JEW.

I follow the Writings Of Moses, given by the GOD OF OUR FATHERS, called the Written TORAH(Between the two sticks), I am a Jew.

I know that before the LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL — I AM A JEW. My actions, decisions and speech make me a JEW. One of the NATION. I even Strive to be a LIGHT of Righteousness to all who see, know or hear of me, I am a JEW.

So what is the problem? To many leaders in Judaism(Rabbi – Teachers), believe that only if your mother was a Jew are you a Jew. (to oppose the Writings of Moses) Or Only if certain Orthodox Rabbis converted you, are you a Jew(some in Israel, a couple in America), Or only if you allow them to define what writings you can read, what you eat, what you think, what you wear, who you marry, how and what say, are you to be a Jew.(But they are not responsible for whether this is right or wrong before GOD, or anybody else actually.)

With all of these people looking for personal power over me and they do not follow the Writings of Moses as the WORD OF GOD. (Which are the cause of punishment before GOD)But, instead place tradition and human authority above that of THE GOD OF OUR FATHERS and HIS SCRIBE MOSES. For me, I believe that acting in such a fashion, would place me in the camp of Korah, who also thought he was as good or better than Moses. Those actions would place me against the LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL and earning HIS Anger for I know better, HE has been my teacher all of my life.

I will stay where I am, following the GOD that sent me to Israel, has protected me, feed me and sheltered me in Israel, plus all the days of my life. I can show you the GOD of OUR FATHERS, I can teach you HIS way, but I can not join those who are against MY GOD. The LAST EVENTS are happening now, I will not retreat from before THE LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL.

Where do you stand on this? Who is your GOD? Are you a JEW? Why NOT?, For I AM A JEW.

I can show you the way, if you want to know.

IT is to our benefit to HEARKEN until the LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL, and to our pain and shame to do otherwise.

My prayer is that The LORD grant you eyes that see, ears that hear and an understanding heart, then you return unto HIM soon!(Isaiah 6: 9 And He said: ‘Go, and tell this people: hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not. 10 Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they, seeing with their eyes, and hearing with their ears, and understanding with their heart, return, and be healed.’)

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