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“By The Hand Of Moses”

“By The Hand Of Moses”

“By the hand of Moses”

I have, we have, a problem. To wit, How can I know the TRUTH? For my whole life, I have heard many different explanations of the sources of religion and then which set of laws I am to follow.

Common phrases regarding the sources are :
1) The Five Books of Moses(Torah) are written by man.
2) There are multiply writers.
3) A living document that must be interpreted for you.
4) A Fiction
5) A nice fantasy.
6) The WORD OF GOD, Written at HIS command, by the Hand of MOSES.

The last is my position, and I have almost never found anyone that thinks along my view. Where does my view come from?

The ALMIGHTY caused Moses to write the text of GOD’S WORD as follows:
Deuteronomy 18:“18 I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee; and I will put My words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. 19 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto My words which he shall speak in My name, I will require it of him. 20 But the prophet, that shall speak a word presumptuously in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, that same prophet shall die.’ 21 And if thou say in thy heart: ‘How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?’ 22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken; the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously, thou shalt not be afraid of him.”

Please allow me to explain why it matters who wrote the TORAH and WHY, to me.

For as long as I can remember, I have been seeking to do that which is right to do. This is probably from my dad, and the pain I received when I did what was wrong. Also, I had some kinds (Baptist, Methodist, Church of ___, . . . .) of religious teaching at least four days a week until I was 11 years of age. This impressed upon me that we/I sin, and that the consequences are pain. The Roman teachings are in the form of : we are born with sin, consequences of sin (pain), and there is only one way out of the pain, which is to have someone die for me. But, I might sin again . . . ., I guess it had me scared of doing anything but what was right. So what is right? How can I know and do what is right?

I could think for myself, and even at age six, I figured out that those preaching at the pedestal or podium, were taking only a couple of words and making them say anything they wanted. That seemed very strange to me, since I was also aware that today “this is wrong” and tomorrow . . . . maybe “not so wrong or even O.K.”

I decided that the TRUTH must be the TRUTH every time, and GOD must always do what HE SAYS, if not then there is no truth and no god. These are my premises and they still stand for the foundation of my knowledge.

Put another way: A god that acts fickle and does not say what he means is not a god that I have time for.  After all, throughout history, when a Man gives his word and does not make it good, the result is you can not trust that man. A man who’s word is not trusted has a bad reputation and No Honor, he is of little value any where.

Should my god not be better that a good man?

This was to explain to you why I know that it is of maximum importance to my soul to know if there is a god, who is this god and what he wants from me.

So who’s writings should I follow? I start at the sedition of Miriam and Aaron when THE GOD OF OUR FATHERS says:

Numbers 12:“6 And He said: ‘Hear now My words: if there be a prophet among you, I the LORD do make Myself known unto him in a vision, I do speak with him in a dream. 7 My servant Moses is not so; he is trusted in all My house; 8 with him do I speak mouth to mouth, even manifestly, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD doth he behold; wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against My servant, against Moses?'”

So Moses is the prophet that THE ALMIGHTY speaks to MOUTH-TO-MOUTH, and thereby we are given the LAWS, TEACHINGS and reasons or evidence of GOD and what HE wants from me(us). Therefore if the Writings of Moses are wrong, and THE ALMIGHTY gave them to HIS MESSENGER then I will not be able to trust in the words of GOD. If the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE has set the DNA of every cell and the sun, moon and stars in motion with supreme power and wisdom, then the transmission of HIS WORD is an easy thing to do.

This makes me extremely joyous, in that I have never found or heard any that can show even ONE event where GOD has contradicted HIS WORD. My current time of search is 53 years!

So where does it say that Moses wrote the Torah and that we are to obey.

I am glad that you asked.:

Exodus 35:29 ….which the LORD had commanded by the hand of Moses

Leviticus 8:36 …. things which the LORD commanded by the hand of Moses
Leviticus 10:11 …. that ye may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the LORD hath spoken unto them by the hand of Moses
Leviticus 26:46 …. the children of Israel in mount Sinai by the hand of Moses.

Numbers 4:49 …. commandment of the LORD they were appointed by the hand of Moses,
Numbers 9:23 ….at the commandment of the LORD by the hand of Moses.
Numbers 10:13 ….. according to the commandment of the LORD by the hand of Moses.
Numbers 15:23 …all that the LORD hath commanded you by the hand of Moses,
Numbers 17:5 ….  as the LORD spoke unto him by the hand of Moses.
Numbers 27:23 …. as the LORD spoke by the hand of Moses….
Numbers 36:13 …. which the LORD commanded by the hand of Moses

Joshua 14:2 …. as the LORD commanded by the hand of Moses…
Joshua 20:2 ….  I spoke unto you by the hand of Moses;
Joshua 21:2 …. The LORD commanded by the hand of Moses
Joshua 22:9 …. commandment of the LORD by the hand of Moses

Judges 3:4 …. commandments of the LORD, which He commanded their fathers by the hand of Moses

1Kings 8:53 ….  Thou didst speak by the hand of Moses

2Chronicles 33:8 …. all the law and the statutes and the ordinances by the hand of Moses
2Chronicles 35:6 ….do according to the word of the LORD by the hand of Moses.’….

Nehemiah 9:14 …. command them commandments, and statutes, and a law, by the hand of Moses

“Moses wrote…”

Exodus 24:4 ….Moses wrote all the words of the LORD, ….

Numbers 33:2 ….. Moses wrote their goings forth, stage by stage, by the commandment of the LORD

Deuteronomy 31:9 …. Moses wrote this law, and delivered it unto the priests….

“the law of Moses”

Daniel 9:13 …. As it is written in the Law of Moses,

Nehemiah 8:1 ….As it is written in the Law of Moses,

Ezra 3:2 ….  it is written in the Law of Moses the man of God
Ezra 7:6 …. the Law of Moses, which the LORD, the God of Israel

Joshua 8:31 ….as it is written in the book of the law of Moses
Joshua 23:6 …. do all that is written in the book of the law of Moses,

Malachi 3:22 Remember ye the law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, even statutes and ordinances.

1 Kings 2:3 … keep the charge of the LORD thy God, to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes, and His commandments, and His ordinances, and His testimonies, according to that which is written in the law of Moses, that thou mayest prosper in all that thou doest, and whithersoever thou turnest thyself;

2Kings 14:6 …. the book of the law of Moses, as the LORD commanded
2Kings 23:24 …. all the law of Moses

2 Chronicles 30:16 …. according to the law of Moses
2 Chronicles 23:18 …. written in the Law of Moses

A reference location for all of these is:

A Hebrew – English Bible

According to the Masoretic Text

and the JPS 1917 Edition

I give you these links so that you can easily confirm my information.

For me this is more than enough to accept the TORAH as the WORD OF MY GOD.

This is a foundation, but I now add one piece of statement which was written by Moses, that GOD Spoke, has come true or is coming true.

What will you do?



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