Calmer Now

I have been told that I look less stressed and calmer now than before I went to Israel in July 2015.

While I am still troubled and concerned about what is coming, especially for those I love, care about; family, friends, community, country. Yet, each of them has chosen their own path and their own outcome. I am still concerned about what they are using as a bases of TRUTH.

Are you offended by my words? Let see what you are basing your TRUTH on.

1) Does your god love everybody and will just forgive everybody so that they will […]

How Can I Know That My GOD Is GOD?

How Can I Know That My GOD IS GOD?; Or another great question is: What are the Rules for My GOD?

I have heard this all of my life:

Take it on faith! Just have faith! Don’t ask that? Do what you are told. If you ask, you are a non-believer!

Absolutely none of those statements are true about My GOD! Trust and Believe!

I have only addressed pieces of this in my life, mostly to myself. However, while in Jerusalem, August of 2015, I met and had an extended discussion with a Christian woman named Anna from France and […]

The World To Come . . . . .??

I present this as a discussion. Where I attempt to anticipate your responses and give my responses. I do not mean to offend, so if you do not find this helpful, I am more than happy to do this in person. That way, I can respond directly to your responses. You could write posts to this article.

Through out time we have heard stories about heaven and hell. These are unsubstantiated fantasies.

You: But, wait a minute, what is that statement, “in the world to come” all about if not heaven and hell? Or, Is there information about the world […]