Only The Jews?

The presented question was: “Will someone please explain, why do only Jews get to go to Heaven, and the rest of humanity, that Gd did create, go to some second kind of Heaven?”

The person who asked this question, it seems, heard a Rabbi make a similar statement. This upset the questioner greatly and she was confused and angry. Personally, I can understand the mood of the questioner, and I will say that I was very disturbed that any religious leader would or could say such a thing, but it is not unexpected, at least by me.

My responses follow:


The World To Come . . . . .??

I present this as a discussion. Where I attempt to anticipate your responses and give my responses. I do not mean to offend, so if you do not find this helpful, I am more than happy to do this in person. That way, I can respond directly to your responses. You could write posts to this article.

Through out time we have heard stories about heaven and hell. These are unsubstantiated fantasies.

You: But, wait a minute, what is that statement, “in the world to come” all about if not heaven and hell? Or, Is there information about the world […]