Understanding What Is Coming

Understanding what is coming, but will you get it too late?

Looking around the world, at people, the news, the behavior of: countries, people, the left, the right, the . . . . .well there is a lot to think about.

Yes, I know, I put people in twice. It is about the people. How everyone of us deal with each other. Whether or not an individual person returns to the ALMIGHTY; prior to having no time, no ability to change even if they still had a choice. We, everyone of us, will face The LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL. Yet, […]


Created, “In Our Image”

I believe that “Genesis 1:26 And God said: ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness;” [Self-Talk]

It appears that we are made in the image of GOD, but exactly what is that image?

In Genesis 2:7 we get something from the Creator(we think of it as breathe), but in “Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said: ‘My spirit shall not abide in man for ever, for that he also is flesh; . . . .”

We learn that it is the SPIRIT OF GOD, breathed into the dirt becomes flesh. First thing in GOD’S […]

My GLORY , I Will Not Share. . . .

In The Beginning. . . . A great place to start, so here we go.

In the beginning of my life of seeking and learning. Actually, seeking to understand what was true, and learning that it is difficult to discover the truth most of the time.

When you are very young and do not know yet how to walk, you are prone to fall down a lot. It really does not to much because it does not hurt to bad. It might hurt only enough to encourage you to stay up right, hence do not fall. Later, when we are […]

The Really BIG WHY?

To take a example from The Ed Sullivan Show, Ed himself.

Tonight we have a really, really big show. Or in this case a Really, Really, BIG WHY?

Straight out: Why did the Creator Of The Heavens and The Earth DO IT?

NO! The answer is not 42.

Seriously though, . . . . Do what?

Create: Light; Gravity; Strong nuclear force; Weak Nuclear Force; Speed of Light; Amino acids; Proteins; heavy elements; . . . . Animals; man; . . . .?

Why create all of this stuff, knowing man was bad, that HE(The LORD) will destroy the Heavens […]

This is a TEST.....! Will you pass?

Published: 01 FEB 2011

We, everyone of us is tested by The Creator of the Heavens and Earth. For me this statement goes without any further question. A rich person, one that inherited the family’s wealth built over generations, seams to have a life of ease, yet bored, anger, frustration, misdeeds, . . . . . plague that life.

Every decision or choice we make which involves the Laws and Teachings given by G-D, is either for or against G-D. It does not matter whether or not you know these Laws and Teachings found in the Writings of Moses, […]